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Diploma and Curriculum Policies for Graduate Schools

Diploma Policy

Each of the graduate schools of Yamagata University confers degrees on students who have completed the curriculum, passed a master's or doctoral thesis screening and examinations or equivalent disciplines, and acquired research abilities, technology development abilities and sophisticated expertise. Degrees will be conferred on students who:

  1. In master's programs and professional degree programs, are equipped with a wide range of deep knowledge and have acquired research abilities and technology development abilities in their own specialty fields or abilities to become high-level professionals, and
  2. In doctoral programs, have abilities to work as researchers or self-reliant high-level professionals who can carry out excellent research contributing to the academic circles or can develop advanced technologies.

Curriculum Policy

Each graduate school of Yamagata University works out coordinated educational and research guidance systems in line with the university's philosophies and objectives and offers an environment allowing students to concentrate on their research with future prospects.

  1. The graduate schools specifically and systematically show research and specialized abilities students should acquire and offer disciplines that allow students to attain them.
  2. The graduate schools implement research guidance and education corresponding to students' progress in acquiring research and technology development abilities and expertise in order to offer an excellent educational system and a research environment for the development of abilities.
  3. The graduate schools assist students' studying to enable them to capitalize on their expertise and abilities for research and technological development in taking jobs.