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Professional School of Education

The exclusive goal of the Professional School of Education is to prime teachers with sophisticated expertise. Graduates not only of the Faculty of Education, Art and Science, but also of the Faculty of Literature and Social Science, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, and other faculties advance to the Professional School of Education.

A feature of the School is the "integration of theories and practice," closely collaborating with local schools. It has four fields as follows;

  1. School capacity development field (Fostering school leaders who can invigorate the educational capability of schools)
  2. Learning development field (Fostering teachers who have reliable ability to teach based on learning science)
  3. Major subject education enhancement field (Fostering teachers who have special expertise and practical skills in the subjects of Japanese, social studies, mathematics, science and English)
  4. Special needs education field (Fostering teachers who have high-level expertise to teach children with special needs)

Professional Degree Program

  • Teacher Training

More Information

  • Click here to visit the School's web site (in Japanese).
  • Click here for Kojirakawa campus information.