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Graduate School of Medical Science

The Graduate School of Medical Science (set up in 1979, renamed in 1997) has three doctoral programs, namely Medicine, Innovative Medical Science Research and Nursing.

The Medicine Doctoral Program develops medical researchers who have a broad knowledge of Medicine, high research ability and affluent attainments in their specialized fields; and people who will play a role in guiding others.

The Innovative Medical Science Research Doctoral Program develops leading researchers in medical policy, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, customized medical treatments, genome-based medicine development and similar areas; and sophisticated specialized medical professionals who enable the clinical application.

The Nursing Doctoral Program aims to foster nursing educators, researchers and sophisticated specialized professionals capable of logically and systematically explaining phenomena, who have a basic ability to promote nursing research; and sophisticated professionals specialized in nursing who are research-oriented and independent.

Master's Programs

  • Innovative Medical Science Research
  • Nursing

Doctoral Program

  • Medicine
  • Innovative Medical Science Research
  • Nursing

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