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Diploma and Curriculum Policies of the Faculty of Science

Diploma Policy

The Faculty of Science awards a bachelor's degree in science to students who have completed the curriculum prescribed in line with the faculty's philosophies and goals and are equipped with:

  1. A basic knowledge of mathematical sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences as well as a sense of ethics and responsibility to contribute to society,
  2. A deep knowledge of science, and a wide perspective and an inquisitive spirit obtained by organizing the knowledge, and
  3. The abilities and eagerness to solve social problems in a unique and flexible manner on the basis of knowledge and the way of thinking acquired in their respective specialty fields as well as communication skills enabling cooperation with others in solving the problems.

Curriculum Policy

The faculty compiles a curriculum that allows students to systematically and voluntarily study in line with its diploma policy.

  • Systematic and structural education is given during foundation education in order to foster a wide perspective and a healthy critical spirit.
  • The faculty gives basic education in the science field for the acquisition of knowledge in specialty fields by paying heed to a smooth shift from high school education to foundation education. On top of that, specialty education is provided chiefly in the form of lectures, experiments and seminars.
  • Students carry out graduation study, research experiments and theoretical study in order to improve problem solving and explanation capabilities by exposing themselves to the cutting edge of specialty fields.
  • The faculty offers subjects common to all departments of the faculty in order for students to obtain a wide foundation of science by also turning their interest to disciplines other than their specialty fields, international exchange and exchange within the community.