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Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering)

Outline and Features

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Engineering) comprises the Master's Program and the Doctoral Program. The Master's Program, with a fixed number of 270 students, has nine majors, i.e., Polymer Science and Engineering, Organic Device Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Bio-System Engineering, Informatics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Systems Engineering and Management of Technology.
The Doctoral Program has a fixed number of 26 students and consists of five majors, i.e., Organic Materials Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Mechanical Systems Engineering and Management of Technology.
Under the motto of "a graduate school that cultivate the ability to break new ground" in line with the social situation of the 21st century and the changing industrial structure, the graduate school is further improving engineering education and energizing research activities. Its target is to foster people with outstanding abilities backed by research capabilities in their majored fields and sophisticated expertise, and the school has produced a lot of excellent talents.
The Doctoral Program helps build rich lives and create a prosperous future by developing people who can contribute to society with rich knowledge and advanced research capabilities necessary to engage in highly sophisticated, world-class research and education.

Philosophy and Goals

  • To develop self-reliant people by cultivating abilities in response to student' spirit of inquiry in majored fields
  • To nurture sophisticated expert professionals, researchers and educators with the foundation of basic academic skills in majored fields
  • A graduate school that cultivates the ability to break new ground

The programs desire students who:

Master's Program

  • Have basic academic skills in specialty fields and are eager to study even deeper,
  • Actively pursue natural sciences and research and development with logical thinking, capitalizing on their knowledge of specialty fields,
  • Can think and act on their own while remaining cooperative in society,
  • Are considerate to others and highly ethical, and
  • Want to contribute to society through knowledge and skills of their specialty fields.

Doctoral Program, in addition to the above:

  • Are deeply interested in fields other than their specialties and have wide application abilities, and
  • Aim at becoming researchers and engineers active around the world with a global perspective.