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Admission Policy for Graduate Schools

Under the theme of "Coexistence of Nature and Man," Yamagata University is conducting education and research and making contribution to the community along its five basic philosophies to gain a strong, shining presence among the nation's universities.
We offer admission to students described below in order to foster rich humanity based on a broad range of knowledge backed by a healthy critical spirit and develop people with basic academic skills and high expert knowledge who excel in finding and solving problems.
You can find separate policies of faculties further below.

Basic Philosophies

  • University administration with a focus on student learning
  • Fostering deep humanity and high-level expertise
  • Knowledge generation
  • Collaboration with local and global communities
  • Continuing reform effort

As graduate school (graduate courses) students, we desire the following people:

  • For master's programs, doctoral programs and professional degree programs, those who are equipped with enough abilities to carry out specialty research and a strong spirit of inquiry, and
  • For doctoral programs and postgraduate doctoral programs, those who have eagerness and abilities to conduct advanced specialty researches, understand the significance of own research themes in the specialty field and academic circles, and make incessant effort to deepen it.