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Undergraduate Admission

International Students Admission

If you are a non-Japanese citizen who wants to study at Yamagata University at their own expense and have completed secondary education outside the Japanese educational system, you are considered an international applicant and must apply for international students admission called the Entrance Examination for Privately Financed International Students.

In order to take it, you must take a special examination that is The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).

Prospective students can obtain admission application forms from around the end of September.

Application guidelines (Japanese)

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Agriculture offer “Pre-arrival Admission”; a system to enable international students outside of Japan to secure admission and to utilize EJU for their selection without having to go to Japan.

  • 1. Qualifications Required for Applicants

    Applicants must satisfy several qualification conditions.
    Especially, if you wish to qualify for admission through individual entrance eligibility screening, you should contact the Entrance Examination section of the Enrollment Management Department.

    For details of the screening process, please see below.
    Click here (Japanese)

  • 2. Language Requirements

    To comprehend lectures in Japanese at the undergraduate level, international applicants are expected to possess at least a lower advanced level of Japanese or the level N2 of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

    Mastery of a lower elementary level of Japanese along with a good command of English is expected of exchange students who plan to take courses in the Japan Studies Program (JSP).

    Although no JLPT level is required, the departments measure your target language skills by examining your EJU score for Japanese as a foreign language as well as demonstrated oral skills during an application interview.

  • 3. Announcement of Examination Results

    Examination results are announced on this website.